We believe our Passenger Flats residents are the very best. When we’ve done our jobs right and have served our residents to the best of our abilities it means so much to us when we hear such good news. We’re so grateful for each and everyone who stays with us, it’s always a pleasure.

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Nancy D.

“I am so happy to have found Passenger Flats - very pleased with the management and maintenance personnel and how efficiently this complex is run. It is so important to have the right people - competent, responsive, and cheerful - in positions of authority.. And now it's on to discover the other great things about my new hometown. The future is looking good.”



“I feel like I have been treated very fairly and my stay/experience at the Flats just seems to keep getting better. {Cat} and Elizabeth do a great job of sending out communications. I’m a communication “nut”. I love what you two are doing!”


Ella n.

“Passenger Flats has been a great place to live. The location is convenient, the studio size and layout works well, it's affordable, the amenities are great, and the staff is friendly and helpful. 

I had to move on short notice, and Passenger Flats is where I wish I'd always been. It's quiet despite the construction (which is near done). I love being so close to the Choo Choo, Frothy Monkey, The Flying Squirrel, interesting stores, and the free electric shuttle that runs downtown. 

Parking can be tricky (at Eastern). But, it's gotten better. I've always had a place to park, so I can't complain.

I would definitely recommend Passenger Flats.”